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Meni Koren Law Firm - department of foreign residents


The Meni Koren Law Firm has extensive experience in real estate transactions and real estate investments in Israel - representing sellers and buyers from all over the world, sales transactions and rental purposes residential and commercial, including the representation of buyers facing contractors and front of building, buying land, houses, apartments, and more.


In recent years, Israel has become a very attractive destination for real estate investments, and investors from around the world enjoy a great return for their investment.
Israel is also a destination resort and residential quarters thanks to the mild climate all year round, thanks to the ocean beaches, landscapes, traditions holy sites of all religions.


The firm advises and represents with the tax authorities, local authorities and urban planning, land registration offices, the Israel Lands Authority and the courts.

The firm deals with inheritance and probate law and wills editor, among other things, bringing them registered, Director Estates, representing clients before the Registrar of inheritances and wills, in front of the courts and in front of the land registries.

The firm also deals with a variety of civil and commercial matters, including various commercial contracts, prenuptial agreements between partners and their registration, municipal taxation, collection treatment charges, the establishment of various types and representation before the Registrar of Companies, the establishment of associations and legal advice on various matters.


For contact, please send an email to: with contact information and reference content, and we will contact you shortly

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